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3 consecutive years of industry sales outstanding brand
Precision hardware
Rich successful experience has enabled us to win a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets
The international advanced service level and the domestic high quality production level successfully provide mature precision hardware products for many large enterprises at home and abroad
Professional trade
Excellent quality
Product quality

Craftsmen in the heart, to become the most competitive supplier of precision component manufacturing industry.

Many years of professional precision hardware production research and development has a number of advanced, precision production lines
Dedicated person is responsible for sampling and full inspection to ensure the qualified rate of products.
Serious, efficient, quality service to every customer
Provide OEM, precision hardware, precision hardware wholesale.
Military quality · Extraordinary power · High-end customers trust the brand
 4 reasons to choose us
Precision hardware one-stop service provider
 Strict production process
  It is recognized by many well-known enterprises in the world
Specification variety complete
Precision hardware, everything, can meet a variety of needs, help you easily achieve one-stop precision hardware procurement!
 Scale advantage, production capacity guarantee
 3 years focus on high-quality precision hardware customization and wholesale
 Professional solution, high-end customization
   Strong engineering team, professional, worry free, fast
The company has a product testing department, there are microscopes and two-element imaging instrument and other high-precision measuring instruments, full-time responsible for sampling and full inspection, to ensure the product pass rate. The combination of sophisticated professional equipment and patented production process ensures that every product is in line with standards and customer requirements.
10 categories of precision hardware, more than 50 series, tens of thousands of basic models, products up to more than 3,000 specifications can be mass-produced six standard system precision hardware manufacturers.
Established in May 2021, with a construction area of about 2000 square meters and more than 60 employees; Set precision hardware processing, research and development production, sales in one of the one-stop enterprise; Annual output of precision hardware 100 million pieces, sufficient production capacity.
For you to design special performance, non-standard structure, custom a complete set of precision hardware solutions. Through the third-party factory inspection of many brand group customers, product development, product quality, order delivery, service follow-up and so on are effectively guaranteed。
Provide quality products for the market - grow together with customers
Through continuous innovation and development, we strive to provide customers with diversified one-stop service solutions
Provide landing solutions for various industries
Watch precision parts
Watch precision parts
Precision parts for medical equipment
Precision parts for medical equipment
Automotive precision parts
Automotive precision parts
Mobile phone precision parts
Mobile phone precision parts
Uav precision parts
Uav precision parts
Precision hardware parts
Precision hardware parts
Machining, a high-precision CNC machine tool, can be seen in all types of precision metal parts processing platform. Small to the base of the metal antenna, large to the optical equipment inside th...
The full name of central machining is the central CNC lathe, which can also be called the main axle box moving CNC automatic lathe, economic turning and milling compound machine tool or longitudinal。
Reference coincidence principle. As far as possible, the planning baseline should be selected as the positioning baseline. Especially in the realization of the end, ensuring accuracy, we should pay mo
1. The specifications of each spring are different, the design has been determined, and the spring should not be easily replaced with each other when in use, nor can it be reformed at will.2. The g...
Materials for precision machining are divided into two categories, metallic materials and non-metallic materials.
Each processing method has its processing order, and our operators need to process it according to the processing order, not randomly. In this way, it will have a certain impact on the product or qual
When the enterprise carries out the machining, how is the specific performance, whether it can do this work well, whether it can create relatively high economic benefits for itself through processing,
Machine walking machining is particularly suitable for machining precision small parts, especially precision parts with strict requirements for finished products.
Therefore, the quality requirements of the processed hardware products are also very high, so the general precision hardware processing is the use of high-quality materials.
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 Zhongshan Lingquan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, is a precision hardware processing and manufacturing supporting services perfect high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in all kinds of precision parts processing, products are widely used in medical, communications, automobiles, watches, mobile phones, drones and other fields.

Since the establishment of the company, has integrity management, for the sake of users, balanced development, with "good quality, variety, specifications" to win the trust of users, over the years, perfect and mature quality management system to ensure the quality of products, enhance the company's competitiveness in the precision hardware processing industry; Step by step, as always! Better service to customers.



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