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The role of precision machining technology

Issuing time:2023-03-04 20:03

The focus of pure base degree thinking is how to reduce the error and improve the accuracy, so the basic principle of selecting the essential surface is:

Reference coincidence principle. As far as possible, the planning baseline should be selected as the positioning baseline. Especially in the realization of the end, ensuring accuracy, we should pay more attention to this principle. This can avoid causing position error reference deviation;

Benchmark the same principle. Precision machining should select various surface dispositions of the same positioning datum, although the position accuracy between the surfaces is guaranteed; Occasionally also comply with the principle of matching the benchmark, repeated processing;

Self-benchmarking principle. A few small machine machining allowances and the same finishing process ensure machining quality and productivity, with the precision machined surface itself as a base degree.

First, it is an important technical document to guide production

The decision-making and adjustment of the production of the machine processing workshop, the manipulation of the workers, the processing quality detection of the parts, and the accounting of the processing cost are all precision machining manufacturers based on the process regulations. Disposal of problems in production is often based on process regulations. If the disposition quality changes, the obligations of the relevant units and personnel should be determined according to the process rules.

Second, it is an important basis for production preparation

When the workshop wants to produce new parts, it is necessary to first formulate the machining process regulations for the parts, and then hold production preparations according to the process regulations. Such as: new parts processing process in the analysis of the process; Preparing necessary knives, clips and measuring tools; Procurement or production of raw materials and blanks; The purchase of new equipment or the modification of old equipment must be carried out according to the process.

Third, it is the basic technical documents of the new machine production plant

When a new batch or large amount of machine processing workshop is built, the variety and quantity of machine tools required and the placement in the workshop should be determined according to the process regulations, and then the area size of the workshop, the power and hoisting equipment configuration, and the types, technical levels, and quantities of workers required should be determined.

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