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The layout of the central machining is different from that of the traditional CNC lathe.

Issuing time:2019-10-14 16:09

The full name of central machining is the central CNC lathe, which can also be called the main axle box moving CNC automatic lathe, economic turning and milling compound machine tool or longitudinal cutting lathe. It belongs to high-precision machining machinery and equipment, which can carry out compound processing such as car cutting, drilling, and hand-engraving all the way, mainly used in high-precision hardware configuration and large-scale processing of non-standard shaft parts. The walking machine has a judgment flight in the processing of high compliance and processing precision than the processing middle, because the use of two-axis cloth tools, greatly reduce the processing cycle, evidence to reduce the interchange time of the tool and the tool suit without platform, multi-tool suit without platform coincidence benefits, the reasonable axis of the outer rib chip movement coincidence benefits, the secondary processing spindle is separated out. Achieve reduced empty walking time. The chip tool has been developed and processed in the spindle and product workpiece clamping, in order to ensure that the larger processing aperture of the walking machine on the market is 38mm, which has a greater advantage in the trend of precision shaft processing and sales environment. This series of CNC lathes can be integrated with automatic feeding equipment to reduce the product without high compliance. Especially suitable for mass manufacturing of high precision shaft parts.

Machine machining is usually used to process small parts with bar materials, a large amount of large, in which very many are one-time forming parts. As long as it involves the bar processing, the aperture (not more than 32) is not very large, and the walking CNC lathe and the vibration feeder have greater advantages (because the bunian machine must be integrated with the vibration feeder processing), so he is a small and medium-sized manufacturing running water line alone, whether it is processing speed and manpower cost, it has advantages. The difference between the links is that the core is moving the raw material, the tool is moving the knife, and the old method of the core in China should be vertical laser cutting CNC lathe. Mainly used in raw material small parts, a large number of processing.

Because the layout of the central machining is different from that of the traditional CNC lathe, the machining obedience and machining accuracy of the central machining are higher than that of the CNC lathe. The machine adopts the dual-axis arrangement of the tool, this design greatly saves the processing cycle time, by shortening the tool exchange time of the tool row and the opposite tool table, to achieve the overlap of multiple tool tables and the useful axis of rib-chip moving overlap effect, the simple spindle dividing effect during the secondary processing, shorten the real empty walking time.

In the machining process of the spindle and the workpiece clamping part, the chip tool has always played a very intense role, which provides a strong guarantee for a constant and fixed processing accuracy. In terms of the machining environment trend, 38mm is its very large machining diameter, which makes the machining environment trend of precision shaft occupy a very big advantage. This series of machine tools can also integrate automatic feeding assembly to achieve fully automated manufacturing of a single machine tool, reducing labor costs and bad products in the manufacturing process, and can be used to manufacture a large number of precision shaft parts.

The principle of machine walking machining is to accept the dual-axis arrangement of the tool, which greatly reduces the processing cycle time, by shortening the tool exchange time of the row tool and the opposite tool table, the overlap effect of the multiple tool table, and the overlap effect of the useful axis of the rib chip.

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