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What are the use points of precision springs?

Issuing time:2023-06-14 17:55

1. The specifications of each spring are different, the design has been determined, and the spring should not be easily replaced with each other when in use, nor can it be reformed at will.

2. The guide length of the spring refers to the length of the central shaft of the spring and the depth of the hole, the guide length is insufficient, the spring has a lateral bending or tilt force, so that the spring and the hole and the central shaft friction and lead to the early failure of the spring. When the spring stroke is guaranteed, the guide length is greater than 1/2 of the free length.

3. The selection of the diameter of the spring mounting hole and the center shaft is crucial to the normal use of the spring, both of which play a stable and guiding role in the spring.

4. The upper and lower mounting surfaces of the spring must be parallel to each other, and the upper and lower ends of the standard spring are very flat for the equipment to process, but if the spring is shear processed, the joint cannot be flush with the end face.

5. When the mold is repaired and maintained, the old and new springs should not be mixed together, which will cause the spring to bear the load unevenly, and is the early failure of the spring with large load.

6. Maintenance personnel often modify the standard spring in use because there is no suitable spring, such as cutting, grinding the inner and outer diameter or series spring, which will lead to the spring can not maintain the original characteristics, resulting in early failure.

7. Prevent the spring mixed with iron filings, waste and other debris. Debris will reduce the effective number of turns of the spring, so that the local spring to produce high stress and damage, in use to often check whether there is a foreign body in the spring.

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