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The main difference between the machine and the machine

Issuing time:2019-10-14 16:11

The machine lathe selects the raw material of the bar to process into small parts, and the batch is large, many of which are formed once. As long as it is involved in bar processing, the diameter is within 42 mm, the central processing cooperative active feeding function has a huge upper hand, the central processing cooperative active feeding machine is a small independent production line, whether it is processing speed, labor cost, there is a huge upper hand.

The main difference between machine machining and machine machining is that the data of machine machining is in motion, the machine is in motion, and the machine is also known as: longitudinal lathe, turning and milling compound lathe, Swiss lathe. Mainly used for holding small parts, a large number of processing. Generally, the feeder passes the bar material through the spindle hole, and the spring chuck is actively clamped.

If the parts are overhung, it is necessary to match the long material binder or choose a double spindle walking machine, and use the back shaft to hold the material. If the tail needs to be processed, it is necessary to match the second spindle. The large wind of the machine is to support the bar material of the square and hexagonal materials, and the spindle has the function of indexing and positioning.

The central machine is mainly limited by the diameter of the data, the ordinary large type of central lathe can only process parts with a diameter of 42 mm, and the ZA-32 series, large diameter support processing products within 32 mm.

The speed of machining is first of all connected with the excellence of processing skills controlled by the manufacturer. Add manufacturers can control professional excellent processing skills, hot manufacturers naturally have a relatively fast processing speed. The truth is, the more excellent processing skills, the faster the speed of the homework industry.

The speed of machining in addition to the excellent processing skills controlled by the manufacturer is in contact with the work of the staff itself. The higher the personal compliance of employees, the faster the speed of the industry will be. Therefore, the manufacturers of machine processing must face up to the work of the staff.

The speed of machining is also in contact with the work of the manufacturer. Manufacturers can provide staff with outstanding work situation, it will better improve the enthusiasm of the staff, improve the staff's work obedience, and finally achieve the progress of the processing speed of all manufacturers.

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