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High efficiency and precision of machining

Issuing time:2019-10-14 16:25

With the continuous progress of science and technology, most parts with high processing requirements are processed by walking machine, and walking machine is especially suitable for processing precision and small parts, especially precision parts with strict requirements for finished products. So, how to achieve precision and efficient processing? Below, I will introduce the high efficiency and precision of machine walking processing for you.

At present, one of the most popular machining processes in the world is composite processing, which is an advanced manufacturing technology. Composite machining is the realization of several different processing processes on a machine tool. The application of composite processing is extensive and the difficulty is also large. The turning and milling complex machining center is equivalent to the combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center.

Central machining

Turning and milling machining has its own application fields and advantages. First, machining discontinuous surfaces can lead to intermittent cutting, such as machining various grooves and cleaning roots. In classical turning, this operation can produce impact loads that are not conducive to machining, resulting in poor machining surface quality and premature tool wear. In turning and milling machining, the tool used is the milling cutter, and the milling itself is intermittent cutting in the periodic change of the load.

Second, when the material to be processed is long chip material. In the turning process, chip forming is difficult to deal with; Finding the right chip-breaker for the tool is not an easy task. Milling cutters used in turn-milling complex machining produce short chips, which significantly improves chip control.

Central machining

Third, taking the crankshaft and spindle with eccentric journal as an example, in the turning process, the eccentric quality of the workpiece such as the crankjournal and eccentric CAM can lead to the generation of unbalanced force, which has an adverse effect on the processing, and the turn-milling composite machining avoids such negative effects due to the low speed of the workpiece.

The introduction of turning and milling composite machining in manufacturing not only solves the processing problems but also greatly increases the output. The use of relatively new processing methods, with the right modern machine tools and the right choice of cutting tools, will provide significant productivity.

The complete machining of the workpiece can be achieved by one clamping of the machine. After the parts are cut off, the auxiliary spindle can grab the parts and complete the drilling, boring, milling and other processes on the back of the parts cutting surface.

Central machining

Spindle speed range 200-10000r/min. For example, the CNC precision automatic lathe Z large drilling diameter 6mm, hole processing tools 4, external turning tools 5, power tool head 4, cutting speed 1-6000mm/min.

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